Capturing the triumphs and moments of brilliance at the Karpov Chess Cup in Jeddah's enchanting ceremony. Dive into the world of strategy, skill, and celebration with this exclusive video snapshot
Feel the intensity, witness the emotion – chess players express the stress of the game in their unique styles. From focused concentration to subtle gestures, this reel captures the diverse ways players navigate the chessboard's emotional terrain.
The setting was beautiful, and the opposing players put up strong resistance. They were determined and talented. GM Romain Edouard ended up winning all ten games, but it was not a walk in the park, he confessed.
GM Murzin had a tough start (1/3). He said he was pretty tired and jetlagged but now feels ready to finish the tournament playing at his best!
Jan Kkilkowski is enyoing Saudi Arabia. He's having a shaky tournament with up and downs but hope to finish on a high note !
FM Faustino Oro came with hopes to score an IM norm, he said. He can no longer achieve it but is anyway delighted with this experience, he confessed to GM Romain Edouard in his interview.
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