Reviews on the
Jeddah International
Chess Festival

Gain valuable perspectives and insights into the Jeddah International Chess Festival through a curated collection of press reviews. Explore how media professionals from around the world have covered and evaluated this prestigious chess event.

Jeddah Young Masters Online :

(This online youth tournament marks the initial phase of our ambitious chess festival in Jeddah)

'Kash Malak Al-Khateeb' YouTube channel

Explore the captivating chess content on 'كش ملك الخطيب - YouTube,' featuring insightful analyses and exciting highlights from the Al-Madinah Young Masters Online Tournament.


Europe Échecs

Europe Échecs captures the essence of the Al-Madinah Young Masters Online Tournament in a comprehensive article. Delve into the details and highlights of this thrilling chess event.



Al-Madinah International Chess Festival

Chess brilliance meets cultural richness at Al-Madinah Chess Festival 2024!

Chess Game Tour

An article that provides a detailed exploration of the festival's commitment to excellence, emphasizing its pivotal role in positioning Madinah as a premier global destination for chess enthusiasts.