Jeddah Young Masters

1 - Playing venue

The playing venue of the festival is: Hotel Ramada by Wyndham Continental Jeddah.

Address: Palestine St.Corner Madinah Rd, Jeddah Arabie saoudite.

Transport to the site from the official hotel will be provided by the organizer if you are accommodated in a distant hotel.

Transportation schedule will be available at the information desk located at the hotel as well as at the official website of the festival. Please note that the players are requested to be at the venue at least 30 minutes before the start of the round to proceed to the security checks.

Furthermore, the participants are not allowed to bring non-authorized items (Mobiles, Electronic Devices etc.) with them to the playing venue. Storage facilities will be available at the venue for deposit of such items.

Please note that possession of non-authorized items in person at the playing venue will lead to forfeiture/loss of the game as per FIDE Fair Play regulations.

2 - Participation

The Jeddah Young Masters is an invitational Round Robin, grouping 10 young chess stars born in 2005 or later. IM and GM norms are possible.

The tournament is FIDE registered by the Saudi Chess Federation under the number xxx

3 - Technical Regulations

3.1 Laws of Chess

The FIDE Laws of Chess valid at the time of the event are applied (current version from January 2023), with the following specifications:

  1. 6.7.1: the default time is 30 minutes.
  2. 9.1: draw offers are allowed in the event, without restriction on the number of moves.

Results: At the end of the game, players are requested to sign their scoresheets and hand them to the arbiter who will confirm the result before the players are invited to leave the playing area.

Electronic devices: see §1

3.2 Technical information

Rate of play: 90’ + 30” per move from move 1

Tie-break system:    

    1. Direct encounter
    2. Sonneborn Berger
    3. Number of wins with black
    4. Average rating of opponents

4 - Dress Code

Players involved in the Jeddah Young Masters are requested to follow a casual smart dress code.

5 - Pairings and Results

The pairings and results will be available on the official website:, as well as in the playing venue.

6 - Schedule

Date Time Event

All Day

Arrival Day
Dinner with players and officials
24/01/2024 15:00

Technical Meeting
Opening Ceremony
Round 1

25/01/2024 10:00
Round 2
Round 3
26/01/2024 16:00 Round 4
27/01/2024 10:00

Round 5
Round 6

28/01/2024 16:00 Round 7
29/01/2024 16:00
Round 8
Dinner with players and officials
30/01/2024 14:00
Round 9
Closing Ceremony
31/01/2024 All Day Departure Day

7 - Prizes

The total prize amount is 15 000 EUR (worth 61000 SAR / 16400 USD)

1st Prize Trophy + gold medal + 4000 EUR (16420 SAR / 4378 USD)
2nd Prize Silver medal + 3000 EUR (12300 SAR / 3280 USD)
3rd Prize Bronze medal + 2250 EUR (9236 SAR / 2460 USD)
4th Prize 1750 EUR (7184 SAR / 1915 USD)
5th Prize 1250 EUR (5131 SAR / 1368 USD)
6th Prize 1000 EUR (4100 SAR / 1094 USD)
7th Prize 750 EUR (3070 SAR / 820 USD)
8th Prize 500 EUR (2050 SAR / 547 USD)
9th Prize 300 EUR (1230 SAR / 328 USD)
10th Prize 200 EUR (820 SAR / 218 USD)
Prizes are not divided and will be awarded according to the final standings applying the selected tie-break systems.