Sharpen Your Skills
With GM Romain Edouard

Participate in an exclusive masterclass

Designed for Arabian Karpov Cup players,

Led by Romain Edouard, a distinguished French Grandmaster

And Vice-Champion of France in 2023.

Acquire valuable insights and strategies to enhance your skills

and prepare for the challenges of the Arabian Karpov Cup.

Date Time   MasterClass
26/01/2024 13h30-14h30

MasterClass - Amateur level - By Romain Edouard

Working with former World Champion V. Topalov

GM Romain Edouard, coach of former World Champion Veseilin Topalov, will give you some insights about their work and show you one or several beautiful victories by Topalov using their opening preparation.

28/01/2024 13h30-14h30

MasterClass - Amateur level - By Romain Edouard

Puzzle time!

GM Romain Edouard will challenge you with very instructive puzzles to solve, using real games only! A unique chance to improve your tactical skills!