Invited players

These Young Chess Champions stand out as a prominent highlight of the festival, carefully selected from a global pool of top talents boasting an elo above 2500. Their exceptional skills and wealth of experience contribute to elevating the event to new heights.

Moreover, the presence of renowned champion masters adds an extra layer of prestige and excitement to this gathering of elite young players. Prepare to witness a display of extraordinary talent and strategic brilliance from the rising stars of the chess world.

Meet the young Chess Champions at Jeddah Chess Masters 2024

Raunak Sadhwani

Elo : 2650

9th youngest Grandmaster ever
World #4 U18

Volodar Murzin

Elo : 2633

World #2 U18
114 rated games played in 2023

Pranav Venkatesh

Elo : 2611

World #4 U18
75th Indian Grandmaster

Bardiya Daneshvar

Elo : 2591

Winner of Super GM Grischuk
at the World Cup 2023

Jan Klimkowski

Elo : 2520

U16 World vice-champion
biggest rising star in Poland

Yagiz Kaan Erdogmus

Elo : 2496

Turkish prodigy
athlete of the year in 2020

Andy Woodward

Elo : 2473

World #1 among players
born in 2010 or later

Jakub Seemann

Elo : 2441

Reigning U16
world champion.

Faustino Oro

Elo : 2377

Born in 2013
The Messi of Chess

Candela Francisco Guecamburu

Elo : 2295

Reigning World Junior (U20)
Champion at age 17