Yagiz Kaan Erdogmus Triumphs in the 1st Jeddah Young Masters: A Rising Chess Prodigy


Yagiz Kaan Erdogmus, the 12-year-old chess sensation, dazzles at the 1st Jeddah Young Masters, clinching victory and securing his 2nd GM norm. With a remarkable FIDE rating of 2524, he sparks excitement in the chess community, showcasing potential that could place him among the chess elite.

IM Erdogmus, Yagiz Kaan [Photo Credits: Patricia Claros Aguilar]


As discussions comparing Erdogmus to Magnus Carlsen circulate, caution is exercised in dubbing him the next world champion. The debate revolves around statistical probabilities, as his outstanding FIDE rating surpasses notable prodigies like Gukesh and Pragg, suggesting a potential ascent to super GM status, if not reaching 2700.

Skepticism persists, emphasizing that reaching the summit of world chess requires not only talent but also unwavering dedication. Comparisons to past champions such as Carlsen and Kasparov are approached cautiously, acknowledging the evolving landscape of modern chess.

The chess community recognizes Erdogmus's exceptional talent, advocating for patience in predicting his trajectory. The journey to the top is arduous, and as Erdogmus approaches the 2550 mark, the pursuit of one more GM norm intensifies, solidifying his rise in the chess realm.

In an era teeming with prodigies and advanced training, Erdogmus's journey captures attention. Will he join the ranks of elite GMs or forge a distinctive path? As he continues to make strides, chess enthusiasts eagerly await the unfolding chapters of Erdogmus's chess saga.

Two happy players: Andy Woodward (left), who scored his third GM norm and Yugiz Kaan Erdogmus (right), the big winner of the prestigious Masters, who scored his second GM norm!